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Thread: gluTess callbacks, warnings and errors

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    gluTess callbacks, warnings and errors

    Hello, I have been trying to compile and run some examples from the opengl examples named "tesswind.c" , "tess.c".
    When i compile them in linux (gcc tesswind.c -lGL -lGLU -lglut for example) some warnings appear.

    Lets see we skip them. But when the file is for example tesswind.cpp and you compile with the "g++" command instead of "gcc" these warnings become errors so the file cant be compiled.
    I wanted to use the gluTess functions in my code which happens to use some classes so its ofcourse ".cpp" extension.
    We had a long project in my university where you make a complex polygon, you break it in all its subpolygons and you fill each subpolygon according to a winding number rule. Can someone help me make the callbacks work in with c++ ?

    Thanks in advance

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    You might get more tips if you at least posted the errors, and ideally the instigating code.

    Also, read-up on -Wall, -w, -Werror, and -Wno-error in the GCC documentation.

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