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Thread: Custom Vertex Attributes

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    Quote Originally Posted by CaptainSnugglebottom View Post
    Code :
    glBufferSubData(GL_ARRAY_BUFFER​, sizeof(arrayBufferStuff)*objectIndex​, sizeof(arrayBufferStuff)​, &arrayBufferStuff);
    glBufferSubData(GL_SHADER_STORAGE_BUFFER, sizeof(ssBufferStuff)*objectIndex​, sizeof(ssBufferStuff)*objectIndex​, &ssBufferStuff);

    ... or should I buffer the data as C++ arrays first, before writing sending them to GPU in one go?
    the first suggestion uses OBJECT_COUNT x glBufferSubData, the latter just 1 x glBufferSubData function call(s), therefore put the data first into a c++ vector before uploading it. and have a look at how you have to pad the shader storage buffer data (std430):

    have a look at the DSA version glNamedBufferSubData(...) too, or glMapNamedBuffer(...), or a persistent mapped buffer with glMapNamedBufferRange(...)
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