Hello all wonderful openglers,

I have a burning question about the world of opengl and shaders. I have recently learnt about OpenGL and GLSL shaders and would like to deeply understand and master them.
The world of computer graphics however is incredibly huge and trying to do things in a way that makes sense is difficult

...as in simultaneously trying to manage the practice of maths and opengl and shaders all together.

I have an ok understanding of c++ and would like to push it further by learning opengl.

My dilemma is this...
I have seen the incredible art that shaders produce and would like to replicate it - so as to learn glsl and fragment applications completely but I also want to learn opengl at the same. I know that openl is essentially the engine on which glsl shaders run on but I wish to know the best method of studying these two. Should I simultaneously learn opengl, alongside shaders - building up the graphics pipeline from examples in books and online WHILE I practice and master fragment shader art.

OR do you suggest that I learn the opengl pipeline first and when I have learnt that - focus on the shaders. It seems books like "book of shaders" solely focus on the fragment shaders but I feel there is much more to explore in the world of opengl based art that it's not just enough to learn fragment shaders - there are amazing works from vertex shaders too.

Please could you give me your opinions and advice, thank you, I am a newbie creative coder baby in this huge world and would like to have some ideas on how to proceed!

Thank you so much,
I hope I have made myself clear