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Thread: How To Display the Graph Of a Function In All 4 Quadrants

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    How To Display the Graph Of a Function In All 4 Quadrants

    I am using OpenGL in C++ language and Visual Studio 2013 as my IDE

    Consider the function sin(pi*x/pi)

    ranging from x=-4 to +4

    i have the following code

    Code :
    gluOrtho2D(-5.0, 5.0, -0.3, 1.0);
    Code :
    	for (GLfloat x = -4.0; x<4.0; x += 0.1)
    		glVertex2f(x, sin(3.14159*x) / 3.15159);
    it draws the function fine

    Consider the following statement
    gluOrtho2D(0.0, (GLdouble)screenWidth, 0.0, (GLdouble)screenHeight);


    gluOrtho2D(0.0, 640.0, 0.0,480.0);

    contrast it with

    gluOrtho2D(-5.0, 5.0, -0.3, 1.0);

    i do not understand at all the negative values used in Ortho2D

    my question is how would i set values in glOrtho2D function so that the function is drawn in the entire 4 quadrants of a graph and origin is at the center of screen
    and also how would i display the axes as well in the output .. with X-cordinates and Y-coordinates also being marked on the screen ?
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    You said it draws the function fine..... where does it draw the function?

    If it's in the top left, then simply add half the screen coordinates to your drawing function:

    Code :
    glVertex2f(x+(1/2 screenWidth), (sin(3.14159*x) / 3.15159) + (1/2 screenHeight) )

    would that work?


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