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Thread: Dual Card Laptops

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    Dual Card Laptops

    I wrote an OpenGL 1.4 Windows application a while back that's worked fine until now. Many newer laptops have an Intel card for low power and an NVidia or ATI card for high power graphics. The problem is that for multiple monitors, 1 or more screens may be using the Intel card while the high powered card is limited to 1 screen. When the application is on the Intel driven screen I get "invalid value" or Ünable to Swap OpenGL software-based driver buffers". The program has always had trouble with hardware mode with Intel cards but would work fine in software mode.

    I need to either fix the incompatibilities (SW and HW) with the Intel driver or force the program to always use the NVidia driver.

    The program is compiled for both 32 and 64 bit and the problem so far has only been on a Windows 10 machine. Oh yeah, he thinks DirectX is the answer.

    Mitch Wolberg
    RockWare, Inc.

    PS: My bosses laptop (ASUS with Intel and NVidia) has this issue so he thinks its pretty important.
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    Mitch Wolberg
    RockWare, Inc.

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