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Thread: The old million cube question.

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    The old million cube question.

    Yes, i am asking the old million cube question again, but it is the only solution to my problem at least to start with.
    I have read all of the posts that I can find on this forum and others dealing with my problem but still cannot find help.

    I have 1Million+ data being calculated using my CUDA GPUs in a 100X100X100 3D grid.
    Each data point represents a cube in one of its 24 orientations,
    Each of the faces represents a data value also (ie color)

    I need to be able to visually fly through the data set, rotate the universe and look at the cubes as the data changes, and PICK a cube that is out of the standard deviations on the data and examine the other data stored at that point via reference.

    I can get the CUDA and the other related data crunching. My issue is finding a code sample that I can use and modify that can handle a large set of data cubes in OpenGL on Linux using C++.

    I started my thesis project using and Java, but now that I am using CUDA, I need to grow up to C++.

    ANY samples or code that can draw the 1M+ cubes would be greatly appreciated.
    I keep finding windowz code, but cannot figure out how to migrate it to use on my Linux systems.
    Thank you for any and all suggestions and samples.

    Here is a sample image of my java attempt:
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