Hey all,

I've added one line to a working opengl program, here it is:

Code :
glGenVertexArrays(1, &pVAO);

then I compile and run the program, and it stops with the error in the subject line:

<program.exe> has stopped working.....

Am I missing something?

I already use a sprite class in this program successfully to call this and other functions upon instantiation of sprite classes, that I use to manage my basic little sprite engine that I've got going. ..... so why does this happen, when I'm just trying to add one function call?

I know this is the problem, because I commented out all the other code that I added to the program, AND, as soon as I comment out this one line, the program works fine.

Anybody have any clue why this is the case?

I'm going to wrack my brain on this for a while, until I figure it out, but any help is appreciated.

I have a youtube channel that I make tutorials for opengl, and this was going to be my next video.....!

Alright, thanks,