Hello everyone, nice too met you, i'm Yuriy i'm a guy from south america Venezuela that is so friendly and humble, and i was wondering if this wonderful community can at least help me or guidance me, to solved my problem or at least to learn something new about how OPEN GL or newer hardware structures works or communicate with old engine games. Please bear in mind my English is not that good, i did learn english just a little bit since 2006 MMORPGS ^^ , well without saying anything cheese haha lets start:

My problem is that, I used to play competitive games such counter strike back in 2004-2009 with an AMD cpu ahtlon xp 1800 and nvidia fx 5200, if if remember back in that time my game was so smooth even at 75-100 fps, i don't know if was because of D3D renders or the open gl was very nice with that old hardware that was built on processor with instructions 32bit/64 bit, but the thing the magic dissaparead after i moved on from that old amd ahtlon to: Intel msi H55-e33 and i3 cpu plus my 9600 gt nvidia, things start to get like worse... Like visual lag... even at 100fps, was like poor render, but it stars in 2009, but them again i changes my pc i upgraded in 2011-2013 with a GTX 580+ EVGA ftw x58 with i7 920 bloomson, and yeah game becomes like slightly 10% worse than before. now in 2017 i was gifted by a friends with a

EVGA GTX 1060 gb, and ryzen cpu 5 1600 3.2, and ddr4 patriot 2x4 QVL by my motherboard Asrock ab350 fatality k4 gamming, now the thing, games perform equal or same that my old MSI-h55m or x58 motherboard, so my questio is: Does newer hardwared that are built in 64 processor instructions are not fully compatible with 32 bits? forgive me if im being ignorant or noob just wanted to know

Also i never have before tweak or touched AMD BIOS, i followed some guides out there from guru3d but is like there is no web-site over the internet that can cover the whole AMD BIOS features like tweaks or what so ever, also I tried many tools like Intel Compiler patch 1.0, to dispatch Genuine intel in dll windows or .exe and thats make thigs more fluent, but that didn't work in Hal life or counter strike 1.6 because those .exe files were below 500 kb file.. and that program just grab 500kb file

Another thing is that i have tried Windows 7 64 bit on Ryzen, Windows 10 1607 anniversary (currently the best one) tried the creator 1703<-- very glitchy and not so good..
Tried deleting and removing bloatwares, tried to install chipset drivers, then nvidia drivers, then lan, realtek, tried to use some generic audio from Windows, many tweaks inside Windows to keep thigns smooth and it doesn't seems to help. I have also a Syncmaster t200g 1680x1050 60hz that can up to 75hz by overclocking, and 2ms ghosting, but im telling you back in 2005-2009 my crt monitor i was playing on 72-75 hz, also tried some old LCd in 2009 and games keeps smoother

So my question is what can i do ? i'm willing to post Pictures, or put here my BIOS compressed as 7zip, so you can give me a hand to properly cfg bios? maybe that can cure a little be my problems? or maybe is there something out there that i can do, to improve OpengL render in Cs 1.6 ? because Direct 3d use to be more enjoyeable at least in 2009.

Thanks alot This is my bios.7zp with 44 pictures in case you want to give a look.
I really appreciate your effort Opengl team/community, this can sound kinda pathetic or crazy but, by having a good game play or desktop experience make me so happy and feel more comfortable, because i really love to learn every day, new things about pc, how to fix things, viruses, dpc latencies, stuff like that, like pc enthusiasm, I really cannot enjoys games like i used to do, even games such dota2 at high fps, or hereos of the storm i cannot properly throw a stun or what so ever u.u, but this problem is more affected in 32 bits games with opengl render i guess.

Without any further to say, thanks alot! I uploaded my bios to mediafire