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Thread: Compile for Linux on Windows 10?

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    Compile for Linux on Windows 10?


    I made a simple application with C++ and OpenGL in Visual Studio Community 2017. How can I compile this so it runs on linux as well? I had quite some issues setting up OpenGL under Windows and I have no clue how to set this up without Visual Studio helping me. I tried creating a new plattform but it doesn't seem to know the .libs like glu or opengl32 nor I do know what exactly I need to do. Also can someone explain me why I can't compile my project without having this settings in preprocessor definition?


    This issue I had years ago and I did just figured it out after trying opengl again and carefully checking all settings from a different project, but in the project and in all other tutorials I found it is not mentioned that I need those defines, but I can't compile without manually adding them.

    Thanks for your help
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