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Thread: Multiple "panels" in one window.

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    Multiple "panels" in one window.

    Hello, all. I hope I am not cross posting or double posting here. I searched the forums and didn't find anything relevant to my question, although I am sure it was asked before. I may not be using the right words. I am using OpenGL 3.3 I believe with Visual Studio 2017 and C++ with GLFW. I have done the first several tutorials from the OpenGL site as ell as the GLFW site, but have not come across any tutorials or literature for creating multiple panels in a single window. I am wanting to make panels much like Blender or other 3D modeling programs.

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    There is no such thing as a "Panel" in OpenGL. OpenGL is a low level rendering API. All (well, most) you can do is draw primitive shapes. There isnt even any support for rendering text.

    It sounds to me like OpenGL is not really the right choice for what you want to do. Perhaps you should look for a higher level library which allows you to build GUI's with. Perhaps Qt. Building a GUI from scratch with OpenGL is an enormous task which may take years to do.

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    In older versions of OpenGL, I used glViewPort and glScissor to divide a Window in 'panels', where a different scene was drawn in each panel. Don't know if these still apply to modern GL?

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