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Thread: GLEW parameters completion in Xcode

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    GLEW parameters completion in Xcode

    Hello everyone!
    Till now I've been developing OpenGL apps using GLEW in Visual Studio, but I recently switched to macOS and I'm trying out Xcode.
    One very important thing to me is that I want the IDE to show me what parameters a function requires as I type it, and this worked fine on VS.
    Unfortunately, GLEW defines OpenGL functions with the preprocessor command #define, and Xcode doesn't seem to handle that very well as it doesn't show me the parameter list for those functions.
    For now I only found one function that works correctly and that is the glBindTexture() function.
    Is there a way to let Xcode now that the others( the glBufferData() function, for example) are also function and that it should go retrieve me the parameters list?

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    What parameters did you choose?

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