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Thread: VentureReality Engine v0.1 alpha preview.

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    Still like my verify numbers have changes before performing calculation.

    Each line of code is either a single calculation or single logic.

    Retrieve verify bits from memory, if not changed go on to next calculation. If changed, retrieve calculation from memory and the 2 variables, perform calculation, store result as variable and set verify bit.

    Even go as far as advanced memory where the memory goes through each verify bits looking for changes. Could be a while before finding a change.

    Seems different than current processors and memory to me.
    The overhead is nothing compared to a possible length of no change.

    Run the memory as a separate clock and be faster. While performing a calculation the memory could be looking for next possible change, that being it unless the calculation being performed is logic and going somewhere else. May be a lot of maths calculations before coming across logic.
    Would be no slower but could be many many times faster.

    Work for arrays too if know specific calculation.
    Guess sometimes no profit so then use non verified numbers.

    I got 8 gig of memory, a lot not being used.

    Could have verify function too.
    May be even classes.

    Think it's patentable with new memory and clock.
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