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Thread: VentureReality Engine v0.1 alpha preview.

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    Cool VentureReality Engine v0.1 alpha preview.

    Hi, I have uploaded a Windows 10 alpha of my VentureReality Engine for those that would like to try it:

    I'm the original inventor of the wearable glasses displaying graphics superimposed in to the real world. My proof is here dating back to 2011:

    I'm quite sure this proof will gain I patents and to stop others gaining my value.

    I want to see an elephant walk past my real home window and trunk I a ball that squashes on to my window, smiles, muffles "mnmnmn" and jumps in to my hand. Also play "Minotaur" with others in my local field.

    Hopefully selling the engine and building a games/applications/assets store will make I money for patents, hardware and satellites for world positions triangulation (Edit: Just thought can do it without the satellites by simply triangulating the people and also possible objects too, but then again need a reference so will at least need some ground units), yes I know all this seems more than I can chew and probably fail in which case ill sell the patents with or without a deal.
    I have an electronics background so should help with others for the hardware, yes I will require help(hint).

    Enjoy the alpha, it's only at a fraction of the possible speed as I have not done next frame calculations etc. using multi CPUtoGPU core interaction, it's coded to prove portals within portals could be done.
    You will find some bugs but it's enough to enjoy the graphics and it's trippy effect.

    Let me know what you think, be honest. If you have ideas that you believe I have not thought of that you would like to share then please do.
    I'm in the process of rewriting the engine... still be openGL and not Vulcan as don't believe threading would be of any gain as everything is done in a single render(Edit: may use Vulcan if necessary for as need as many GPU cores as possible, (1 triangles and more that has no cross interaction and 6 shadows and more that has no cross interaction), (3 lighting and more and more that has no cross interaction or each light and more(filters, glass etc) that has no cross interaction and many for physics, for each portal that has no cross interaction) and then combine).

    What I would like is a C++ designed processors, circuits for the features of for, do, switch etc. and "code to circuits" services to produce Modular Computers. "Printable Code".

    As for the glasses, so far multi-layer LELCD transparent screens as may or not want a pixel to glow and a wire that plugs in to your phone. Custom made lenses for each wearer.

    Patents need creditable value, a "minimum to maximum allowable profit percentage or value" based on total "cost verses profit" value.

    Here's a value sign, Capital V with a line going across the base.

    I like my idea of going for a walk without going for a walk and opening a portal to go somewhere else.

    Paul Griffiths.

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