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Thread: PCI opengl card question

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    PCI opengl card question

    I have an old dell dimension 3000 that I do not want to get rid of as it works fine, but to play android games on bluestacks I need (correct me if i'm wrong) Opengl 2.1 minimum to run bluestacks.

    Are there any PCI Graphics cards available with support up to (or beyond) opengl 2.1?

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    Wikipedia is your friend.

    Nvidia has support for OpenGL 2.1 since the GeForce 7 series. And ATI supports OpenGL 3.3 since the Radeon HD 2000.

    So just take a look at ebay or your favorite substitute and you can find a lot of PCI cards for very cheap that support 2.1 or higher.

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    I've found that the Dell Dimension 3000 used an Intel Extreme Graphics 2, which according with it only supports OpenGL 1.3

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