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Thread: Implementing PCSS

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    Implementing PCSS

    I am following the next documentation provided by NVIDIA to implement PCSS:

    My problem is that i am not sure about the definition of the following variables(Page 8 and 9):

    #define LIGHT_WORLD_SIZE .5
    #define LIGHT_FRUSTUM_WIDTH 3.75

    float2 uv = coords.xy;
    float zReceiver = coords.z; // Assumed to be eye-space z in this code

    What i understood is the following:

    LIGHT_WORLD_SIZE = The light radius sphere? And in case it is, what would be this size for a directional light?

    LIGHT_FRUSTUM_WIDTH = The frustum width of the light camera.


    zReceiver/uv = eye-space of the light camera (light's position in world space)

    Am i understating it right?

    Thank you for your attention
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