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Thread: Mesa3d installing for Windows 10

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    Dec 2016
    So now I just have to done this (from the beginning) :

    1. I use your complete installer.
    2. I use your desmume.cmd file.
    3. I use your desmume2.cmd file.

    Is that right ?

    (I have Opengl 3.1)

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    Feb 2017
    If Desmume is what you want to run you should know that built-in software rasterizer is a bit faster than OpenGL 3.2 renderer + llvmpipe. OpenGL Old + llvmpipe exhibits graphics corruptions.
    At least this is how it behaves on my system. As for desmume.cmd and desmume2.cmd you should pick just one of them.
    As I said in the manual context configuration guide examples section, there are 2 ways to get OpenGL 3.2 working and you need to pick only one of them.

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