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Thread: segfault after glGetTexImage

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    segfault after glGetTexImage

    Im trying to save my rendered image as a .ppm file but if I use glGetTexImage() and after that glUseProgram() I always get segmentation fault.
    Do anyone know why I get this error.
    This is the way I get my texture data : glGetTexImage(GL_TEXTURE_2D, 0, GL_RGB, GL_BYTE, pixelBuffer);
    (If I dont use glGetTexImage I dont get any error).

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    Is pixelBuffer sized large enough to recieve the data?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mhagain View Post
    Is pixelBuffer sized large enough to recieve the data?
    And if you are expecting tightly-package RGB8 data to be returned, have you specified:

    Code cpp:
    glPixelStorei(GL_PACK_ALIGNMENT, 1)

    For details, see this section in the OpenGL wiki:

    * Common_Mistakes#Texture_upload_and_pixel_reads

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