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Thread: applying texture to the application surface

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    applying texture to the application surface

    how to change the color of the application surface, using the texture??

    my fragment shader start in this way:

    Code :
    varying vec2 v_vTexcoord;
    varying vec4 v_vColour;
    void main()
        gl_FragColor = v_vColour * texture2D( gm_BaseTexture, v_vTexcoord );


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    i think you are missing the texture sampler:
    Code :
    uniform sampler2D gm_BaseTexture;

    if you want to use multiple textures, you have to explicitly assign a value to "gm_BaseTexture":
    Code :
    unsigned int textureunit = ..anynumber..;
    // get sampler location:
    int location = getUniformLocation(shader, "gm_BaseTexture");
    // send texture location to the sampler:
    glProgramUniform1i(shader, location, textureunit);
    // bind texture to texture unit
    glActiveTexture(GL_TEXTURE0 + textureunit);
    glBindTexture(GL_TEXTURE_2D, texture);

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    If I understood you well, you should better search in this direction.

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