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I tired to load glFinish() but I cannot load it with wglGetProcAddress nor GetProcAddress(opengl32,procName). Where can I get the glFinish()?
Link to opengl32.lib, #include <gl/gl.h> and you do not need to use either wglGetProcAddress or GetProcAddress.

From the way this thread is going, it really reads as though you're just making things difficult for yourself. Before you consider porting an OpenGL program to Windows, you should learn how OpenGL actually works on Windows. A tip: if your code crashes and you blame the OS, it's probably not the OS; it's probably your code.

Some helpful links:

For what it's worth, I suspect that you're probably trying to load function pointers manually but have the wrong DLL calling conventions. But it's virtually impossibly to help you because you're drip-feeding information, what you give us is incomplete and you seem to have your own wrapper around things.