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Thread: OpenGL, DevIL, C++, How to animate tilesheet?

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    Quote Originally Posted by john_connor View Post
    you just need a clock
    then in your main loop, you only call update() and render IF enough time is passed since the last frame
    BUT: by default, vsync is on, which means your fps cant get over 60 (frequency of the monitor)
    only if you disable vsync, fps can go up to about 3000 or so ...

    Code :
    #define FPS_GOAL 60
    static double tnow(0), tlast(0), tframe(0);
    tnow = m_time.GetTime();    //
    tframe = tnow - tlast;
    if (tframe < 1.0 / FPS_GOAL)
    tlast = tnow;
    // update(tframe);
    // render();
    Yeah, that's what I thought. But where am I supposed to put it? I've never made my own clock so I have no idea what to do with it.
    Edit: I modified my loop a bit
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