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Thread: CPU/CPU Level of Detail

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    Question CPU/CPU Level of Detail

    Hello , this time my Question maybe more of a theoretical one. For the last couple of weeks i have been exploring the options i have as far as LOD is concerned. First and foremost i am looking for a LOD that will simplify my terrain (or high poly model) the thing is that i don't want to generate different level of details for the terrain but i rather want to have it be dynamic generated, something like the ROAM algorithm where just the part of the mesh i am looking is high poly and the rest is not. In time i may also implement progressive meshing or just different level of details for each mesh as usual. But for now i am looking for something like ROAM. I read somewhere that it is old and not recommended way to go , why is that ?

    PS: That would be the GPU / CPU LOD . Spelling mistake in the title , sorry !
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