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Thread: AMD new drivers not working.

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    AMD new drivers not working.


    The date of my current AMD driver is 05/december/2011. (With the support of opengl 4.2, but, imageStore doesn't work even if GLview tells me that all opengl 4.2 extensions are supported.)

    The new driver version (the one from july 2015) is not working, it give me a dark screen. (On windows and on linux)

    My graphic card is an ATI mobility radeon HD 5470.

    I'm just wondering if imageLoadStore is supported by this card or not.

    PS : on their website there is written that the driver is compatible with my graphic card :
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    The one thing that does raise consideration is that as far as OpenGL (which iD use) is concerned, Nvida have a pretty good track record of developing solid fully featured OpenGL drivers while AMD have been less enthusiastic with getting OpenGL running as well on their cards.

    Maybe AMD were not motivated to work on their fully compliant OpenGL 3.3, 4.1 or 4.2 drivers for quite a while. RAGE comes alone and demands such and AMD got caught out.

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