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Ok I think i got the every frame code correct (no way to check yet). I am stuck on the starting code. Do I want to bind "tex1" to both frame buffers? If not then their would be three textures "tex1", "fbo1tex", and "fbo2tex", should I keep track of "fbo1tex" ?
Two textures, one bound to each FBO (tex1 to fbo1, tex2 to fbo2). If the final blit is done using glBlitFramebuffer() (rather than as a textured quad), only tex1 is also used as a source (and thus tex2 could be a renderbuffer rather than a texture).

Note that the blending between the buffers in the second glDraw* call only accesses tex1 directly. Blending inherently computes dst=func(src,dst); the destination framebuffer (tex2 bound to fbo2) is read implicitly.