So so far all OpenGL work I have been doing involves working with only one frame at a time. However my new goal is to get particle trials going (sorta like with fireworks). Unfortunately I am trying to do this on mobile devices that run OpenGL ES 2.0, and this version does not have an accumulation buffer.

SO I was thinking perhaps their is a way to do the following in OpenGL es 2.0
1. Draw the current frame to some sort of storage container (perhaps a buffer)
2. Take the previous frame/s (stored to buffer) and fade it a bit.
3. Put step 1 ontop of step 2. And display that.
4. Save the result of 3 to a buffer that can be accessed next frame.

So, basically what would happen is each frame is saved and then faded, and mixed with the new one each frame, thus creating a simple trailing effect.

Unfortunately I dont know any of the buffer related functions in OpenGL so I am really stuck. What functions should I look at using? How would you achieve this effect.

Thank you Much!