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Thread: Q: Space Partitioning Trees.

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    Well, so rebuilding the VBO is not a practice with culling ? What is then ? I am just looking for a definitive answer, method.
    Can you elaborate
    ... unnecessary. You can use glMultiDrawElements to draw 5-6 separate ranges from the (static) VBO. The octree search would append one element onto the count and indices arrays for each node which passes.
    Also the other obvious solution to that is maybe to have a VBO/VAO for each leaf , then only rebind the leaves which intersect the frustum. So here arises the Question is rebinding bettter than rebuilding ? Guess yes ?

    Code :
    bool view_Culling(CFrustum& frusrum, COctree *node)
    if (!node)
        return false;
    if (frusrum.CubeInFrustum(node->GetCenter().x, node->GetCenter().y, node-       >GetCenter().z,(node->GetWidth()/2.0f)))
        if (node->IsSubDivided())
            view_Culling(frusrum, node->OctreeNodes()[TOP_LEFT_FRONT]);
            view_Culling(frusrum, node->OctreeNodes()[TOP_LEFT_BACK]);
            view_Culling(frusrum, node->OctreeNodes()[TOP_RIGHT_BACK]);
            view_Culling(frusrum, node->OctreeNodes()[TOP_RIGHT_FRONT]);
            view_Culling(frusrum, node->OctreeNodes()[BOTTOM_LEFT_FRONT]);
            view_Culling(frusrum, node->OctreeNodes()[BOTTOM_LEFT_BACK]);
            view_Culling(frusrum, node->OctreeNodes()[BOTTOM_RIGHT_BACK]);
            view_Culling(frusrum, node->OctreeNodes()[BOTTOM_RIGHT_FRONT]);
            //use prebuilded vbo here
            //or push these vertices here in a list later build a dynamic vbo
            //from them
            return true;
    return false;
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