I am wondering if anyone has used Qt datatypes (QMatrix4x4, QMatrix3x3, QVector3D, QVector4D, etc.) with OpenGL.

I know that Qt has it's own way of dealing with OpenGL but I have an existing working program that I built using GLM that I need to port over.

Ideally, I would like to use GLM datatypes but the problem is that Qt's shader management classes (QOpenGLShaderProgram and QOpenGLShader) doesn't seem to accept pointers in their setters (for example, I didn't find the setUniform() function that accepts a pointer to a float array).

Hopefully someone has experience with this and can shed some light; I'd rather use GLM's datatypes since I have a working system using that already.

However, since Qt is where I need to go (I need the toolbar/menu/UI functionality Qt provides) I am willing to convert if necessary.

Thank you.