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Thread: Khronos Group wants to hear from graphics app developers!

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    Actually, the people working on those engines (and others with internal engines powering AAA games) actively shape NextGL.
    Hmm. I just checked the PDF in the download link, and sure enough, you're right. I knew that Blizzard/Activision were active in the ARB, as well as Transgaming. But I had no idea that Valve had jumped on board (though it makes sense, with their Linux push), let alone Epic and Unity.

    Clearly they realize the very real potential headaches of market fragmentation and are actively moving to stop it. Kudos to them. Hopefully it won't lead to a "too many chefs" problem.

    Oddly, I don't think I see Crytek on the list. I suppose that they probably figure that, with all of those guys involved, what they get will work out just fine.

    Though, Pixar is the one I find most puzzling. What, are they hoping to port Renderman to newGL?

    for desktop Windows - simply download drivers
    I don't know that it would be so simple. The Windows OpenGL ICD platform is reliant on OpenGL 1.1. You have to create a 1.1 context, then fetch function pointers, and then create the actual context you want. And while that could be functional, it's still very messy.

    Would it be possible for driver makers to bypass the ICD, or effectively create their own variation? Would we have to write specialized initialization code for each IHV? How would that interoperate with Win32 windows, or even WinRT? The reason the ICD has stuck around for so long is that the only alternative is to intrinsically know what the driver DLLs are named.

    I have no idea what the solution to that would be.

    mobile OSes may be tough
    Well, WinRT is just not going to happen (though I would have sworn that hell would freeze over before Microsoft implemented WebGL in IE. And yet, here we are). But Android really has no other choice: Mantle is AMD-only, and AMD's userspace in mobiles is vanishingly insignificant.

    As for Apple... who knows. They could take a Microsoftian stand as with D3D, and there would really be nothing anyone could do about it. At the same time, Apple is actually on the ARB, and is part of the group working on the stuff. So it would make sense for them to support it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alfonse Reinheart View Post
    Though, Pixar is the one I find most puzzling. What, are they hoping to port Renderman to newGL?
    Pixar is behind OpenSubDiv ( Part of the library is dedicated to hardware-accelerated adaptive subdivision. I suspect that's the reason for their interest in next-gen graphics APIs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alfonse Reinheart View Post
    I have no idea what the solution to that would be.
    EGL ? It already has the means to load various APIs and I guess vendors shipping EGL for their products will have to work on a common EGL ABI for Windows anyway.

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