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Thread: GLSL.hpp - GLSL emulation library

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    GLSL.hpp - GLSL emulation library

    No questions to ask - just an item I want to share with the community. I wrote a GLSL emulation library similar to glm, but all in one file. The short-cuts I had to take are:
    -there are no half-float vector types;
    -subvector selection and swizzling looks like a call to a function rather than item selection: MyVec.yz(); MyVec.x;

    Here is the static non-expiring link to the header file location (I use the Google Drive and keep the file up-to date there):


    All GLSL functions are written in assembler (some use SSE4.1). Operators defined as inlines for now.
    More info is inside the file (commented in first lines at the header).

    Bug reports, comments or even code contributions (I don't believe in altruism of the others but...) are appreciated.
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