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Thread: CSM / PSSM - Depth comparison

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    Quote Originally Posted by Silverlan View Post
    Everything up until 00:12 is using a static bias of 0.001. It looks alright, but can lead to unpredictable artifacts if I change the light direction.
    At 00:12, I've switched to a slope bias, which I'm using for spot-light-sources as well:
    Code :
    float bias = 0.001 *tan(acos(cosTheta));
    'cosTheta' being the dot product between the vertex normal and the light direction.
    So... Let's suppose the light and normal are aligned. This will results in 0 bias. Which may help explain why you seem to be getting really bad self-shadowing artifacts (I assume you are casting light-space front-faces into the shadow map).

    You might look into some other techniques, such as Normal Offset Shadows (just websearch for it). In my experience, it seems to perform better.

    And before you trip over some "incomplete" info on the net that says casting back-faces is the solution, take a look at this.
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