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Thread: Strange Warning on ATI

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    Strange Warning on ATI


    Today i tested one of my applications on an ati graphics card.
    I get a strange warning which i never read on nvidia:

    "WARNING: 0:5: warning(#239) Declaration should include a precision qualifier or the default precision should have been previously declared"

    Im using glsl version 150 and opengl 3.1.

    The shaders:
    Code :
    #version 150
    in vec2 vin;
    in vec2 vtc;
    uniform mat4 camera;
    uniform mat4 model;
    out vec2 ftc;
    void main(){
    	ftc = vtc;
    	gl_Position = camera * model * vec4(vin, 0, 1);
    #version 150
    in vec2 ftc;
    uniform sampler2D tex;
    out vec4 outColor;
    void main(){
    	vec4 color = texture2D(tex, ftc);
    	outColor = color;		

    wheres the problem here?

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    Nobody of 146 people?...

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    Something you yourself could have tried in the mean time:
    • Read the compile log to determine what shader the warning is issued for (vertex shader, fragment shader or both)
    • Read the compile log to determine the exact line number it occours at
    • If you don't know alredy, find out what a precision qualifier is
    • Go to that specific line, try adding a precison qualifier and look what happens
    • Alternatively: Not care about having that strange warning on an ATI GLSL compiler as long as it works

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    I once saw that, too, on an older AMD driver. The only remedy was to add the precision qualifier, redundant as it was...

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