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Thread: NetBeans and OpenGL On A Mac

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    NetBeans and OpenGL On A Mac

    Is anyone using NetBeans on a Mac to do C/C++/OpenGL development?
    I use Windows at work with MVC++. I recently acquired Mac for home use.
    I would like to develop new OpenGL software in the same environment on both machines.
    I've experimented with NetBeans on my Windows computer and liked it.
    Any related comments about OpenGL programming on a Mac are welcome.
    Thanks in advance.

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    I don't have familiarity with NetBeans and came to Mac Development from Linux. I used Eclipse, MVC++, RealJ, IntelliJ and command tools in the past for development, so here's what I've done to give you some ideas.

    On Linux, I went traditional CLI tools with VIM, g++, make and terminal, which translates decently well, since Mac can run most BSD commands (grep, man, sed, find, awk, etc.). Terminal lets me use man to find OpenGL commands without jumping into a web browser and is accessible from within VIM. g++ is a symbolic link on Mac to llvm, which leads to its own problems. I'm not entirely certain I could ever develop on windows without my old linux favorite tools available, so Mac brings a good UI balance with great under-the-hood support.

    Now I write iOS code in Xcode, which shouldn't be underestimated because it is free. It has it's own form of intellisense like MVC++. It has good support for diffing files in GIT, but has terrible handling of GIT commands, so I drop into terminal to do all my source control. There's a good amount of docs and example code for their frameworks and OpenGL built into Xcode as well.

    CMake can generate MVC++ projects, as well as XCode projects, but I don't have that much experience messing under the hood with that if you need to share projects. I did get Blender to build on two Macs with projects created for Xcode from CMake.

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