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Thread: glDrawArrays causes segfault

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    glDrawArrays causes segfault


    I just started learning openGL and whenever I call glDrawArrays my program segfaults. Since I'm working on a laptop with an nvidia GPU I made sure I run the program through optirun and that I've installed the proprietary drivers.

    I'm working in codeblocks and this is the output I get when I run the program:

    GLFW init succeeded
    vertex shader compilation succeeded
    fragment shader compilation succeeded
    Going to create program now
    Attaching shaders
    Linking program
    Program should work
    Initializing vertex buffers
    Generating vertex arrays
    Binding vertex array
    stuff should work
    Reshaped viewport
    Cleared stuff
    Used program
    stuff 1
    Segmentation fault

    Process returned 139 (0x8B) execution time : 0.139 s
    Press ENTER to continue.

    I'm not sure where I'm going wrong. Did I mess up the shaders? Or the creation of the openGL program? Or did I call glDrawArrays incorrectly?

    Any help would

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    I've also posted the code online if that would help:

    /gXQTbDDC on pastebin

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    One potential problem is that you're passing positionBufferObject by value to initializeVertexBuffers, but then you take the address of the passed argument and try to change the value. If your code compiles as-is, it would probably still compile if you were to call initializeVertexBuffers(42) even though that is more obviously wrong.

    Relevant bits of code:
    Code :
    int main(){
      GLuint positionBufferObject;
      initializeVertexBuffers(positionBufferObject);  //positionBufferObject unchanged, therefore still uninitialized
      while(glfwWindowShouldClose(newWindow) == 0)
        display(positionBufferObject, ...);
    void initializeVertexBuffers(GLuint positionBufferObject)
      glGenBuffers(1, &positionBufferObject); 

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