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Thread: problem with OpenGL superbible book (6th edition)

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    problem with OpenGL superbible book (6th edition)

    Hi, i started read this book ( OpenGL superbible: Comprehensive Tutorial and reference (6th edition) ) but, at the first soucre code:
    Code :
    // Include the "sb6.h" header file
    #include "sb6.h"
    // Derive my_application from sb6::application
    class my_application : public sb6::application
    // Our rendering function
    void render(double currentTime)
    // Simply clear the window with red
    static const GLfloat red[] = { 1.0f, 0.0f, 0.0f, 1.0f };
    glClearBufferfv(GL_COLOR, 0, red);
    // Our one and only instance of DECLARE_MAIN

    i have an error in sb6.h it doesnt exists. so, i have downloaded a sb6 folder ( ) but i dont know, how to install it? I tryed to move all includes to my include folder (C://Microsoft VisualStudio 2010//VC//include

    but now, iam getting about 20 link errors.

    btw. i tried to start the sb6 in visual studio and click "F7" but, 1 suceeded, 73 failed. the error for that is "Specified platform toolset (v120) is not installed or invalid. Please make sure that a supported PlatformToolset value is selected."
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