Hello I have a Question: I Found out that Games Need OpenGL To run and I Found that OpenGL Is for Shadering all Pixels in a 3D game. I didn't know what to do but suddenly I felt smarter for a moment. and i took a look in my Graphic Card's Details and Also in my Intel Graphics Details. I Didn't see any OpenGl files only OpenCL. Then i looked up what the difference was. and having OpenGl Very Important. I was able to play games always. but i needed to clean my computer. so i installed windows again without leaving any file behind. I reinstalled my driver software. downloaded my games again. but i could run them. so when i started a game called Minecraft. It said i needed to update my drivers. But that could be right.already did that today. I Did research. and thats how i found out about OpenGL and OpenCL:

Now i ask. Can I Download OpenGL as a kind of Addon. If Yes. Please give me a tutorial. because i don't want to harm my computer. THANK YOU (Srry if my english is bad)