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Thread: Chunked LoD cracks

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    Dec 2011
    Thanks for advice, I will try it and then post feedback.

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    Hi there,

    So I made some stuff, but I still need advice.

    I created class called MapCleft for solving these cracks. I define previous and next chunk.. ex. for vertical > previous = left chunk, next = right chunk. I take last column and first column. My MapChunk is 256x256 so this MapCleft is 2x256

    Explain image:
    Without MapCleft:
    With MapCleft:

    It seems MapCleft is wrong calculated vertices or I dont know.

    Vertices count for width: 10
    Vertices count for height: 40

    Using still tessellation for this stuff. Btw I'm using same shaders as for MapChunks the different is just MapCleft is width 2 and MapChunk is 256

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