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Thread: Subroutines buffers

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    Subroutines buffers

    I don't know if it is implemented or not, but let's start with the problem.
    Like indirect drawing and indirect dispatch I think there should be an extension for passing subroutine uniforms from a buffer instead of from the CPU memory. The API could be like this:
    Code :
    GLuint nSubroutineBuffer;
    glGenBuffers(1, &nSubroutineBuffer);
    // Handle nSubroutineBuffer like any other buffer.
    // In draw routine:
    glBindBuffer(GL_SUBROUTINE_BUFFER, nSubroutineBuffer);
    glUniformSubroutinesuiv​(<shader type>​, <count>​, (const GLuint *)(<offset>));
    glBindBuffer(GL_SUBROUTINE_BUFFER, 0);
    glUniformSubroutinesuiv(<shader type>, <count>, <indices>);
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