I have just installed a nVidia Geforce GT640 graphics card. The newest driver provided by nVidia is claimed to support latest OpenGL version 4.4. But after I installed the newest driver (version 337.81, released on perhaps May 13, 2014), the version of OpenGL is not upgraded.

Originally, I was using intel's integrated graphics card and the version of OpenGL on my win7 is only 1.1. Later I found that Mesa library boasts it can support OpenGL up to v3.3, so I compiled it and copied the outcome opengl32.dll into C:\windows\system32. The version of OpenGL did increase but only to version 2.1. This is a screenshot of a tool called "OpenGL Extensions viewer 4.1.7":

Attachment 1315

My environment: Windows 7 64 bit.

My question: How to make the latest OpenGL 4.4 available on my computer?

If you need more info, please feel free to ask.

PS1: I have reinstalled the driver many times, including using the "clean installation" option.

Thank you.