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Thread: Upload a model to opengl

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    Upload a model to opengl


    I am Uploading a model to opengl by entering input values ofos, target,zNear,zFar.
    after I enter the values I want to change the cam pos online and see the change.
    how can I add a small window or something that I could move the cam pos and see the changes online?


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    Windows, input, user interface elements are outside the scope of OpenGL. Depending on what windowing toolkit you use (GLUT, Qt, GTK, or something platform specific like Cocoa) you have very different choices. You may want to look at AntTweakBar which may be sufficient for your purpose. In the end you will take the entered numbers and use them to construct a modelview matrix for your rendering.

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    Thank you
    I download the source code
    I want to use TwSimpleDX10
    I wanted to be sure how can I connect the operations of the tool bar to the model?

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