I would like to create a simple satellite tracking / visualization software with OpenGL, that would result in something like this :

( I did not produce and don't own the image, I found it by image searching )
It is basically a map of Earth on which points are projected, that represent satellite's position above that location on Earth. Of course these points move in time and create a line. I have the calculations part covered, I believe, but I don't know about graphical implementation.

I have C++ experience and no OpenGL experience. I have a video card that supports OpenGL 3.2 , but someone recommended me to use legacy OpenGL for such a simple project. I am little doubtful, because I would like to learn core profile, that will be of use for me in future too. But legacy coding is supposed to be much easier. Can I have your opinions on it ? And maybe some online resources / books / tips that will help me get the basics I need to complete my project ?

Thank you, it is much appreciated