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Thread: globe-texture without a seam?

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    globe-texture without a seam?

    Hi all,

    I'm beginning to wear thin on how to avoid a seam when making 'the blue planet', pasting a texture on a spheric set of vectors.
    What's the magic ingredient?
    I'm running through 180 sets of 360 ring-vector sets.
    The 360 vectors in a set meets, which would yield 361 vectors with 360 spaces in between. The same with the Latitudinal angles. So, I get a collective set of 181*361 vectors composing 180*360 'angular square-areas' .. right? Each square ready to get texture coordinates.
    I've tried an awfull lot of combinations, but not hitting one without a notizable seam from south to north.
    If you have tried, then please comment on possible traps.

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    What values are you using for your TEXTURE_WRAP settings? If I understand what you're doing correctly, try setting the TEXTURE_WRAP for the direction that extends around the equator to GL_REPEAT. That should avoid the seam, as long as the texture data is calculated correctly so that the left and right (or top and bottom) edges match up.

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    Hi reto.koradi,
    I'll have a look at it.
    I'm using a texture_rectangle and I believe that it has a limited set of texture-parameters to choose from .. but, We'll see. The problem is in the neighbourhood! It's one line of .. (lines when you draw in line-strips) .. that is effected, and reasonably associated with the 'last' vertex. The (very short) line takes color-values that could represent a condensed line across the whole image. I've tried to avoid making the last vertex=first vertex (hench 361 verts instead of 360).
    I was beginning to doubt my abillity to ... count

    Cheers ;o)

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