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Thread: How to specify the size of an object [VBO] [Rendering]

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    Question How to specify the size of an object [VBO] [Rendering]

    I have recently made the switch from OGL 1 to 3/4 rendering and have successfully created a VBO object complete with GLSL shaders but I have encountered a problem.

    I am drawing 2 Quads with glDrawArrays but OpenGL does not know where the vertices for the first quads ends meaning my problem is: GL treats the 2 Quads as just one objects and draws lines inbetween them - so my question is How can I tell opengl where each quad ends so it can draw them correctly.


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    When rendering with GL_QUADS, each group of 4 verts defines a single quad (the end of each quad is implicit), and the count argument to glDrawArrays specifies the number of vertices.

    You may need to post a little code to illustrate your problem.

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