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Thread: vertex shader not running on all vertices

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    vertex shader not running on all vertices


    I have a vertex shader that reads in a buffer of vertices (buffer bound to a vertex array).

    Code :
    /*enabling program goes here*/
    glDrawArraysInstanced(GL_POINTS, 0, numpoints, 1);
    /*disabling program code goes here*/

    However, the vertex shader only produces output for the first 2 vertices.
    I have checked the buffer bound to vertex array. It has the required 50 vertices that the vertex shader should run on.

    The program writes out to a buffer which is how i know what output i got. This output buffer has more than enough space, so I know that is not because my output buffer is short.

    Is there a way i can verify that the vertex shader ran on all the vertices? Could there be anything else wrong (hoping someone has experiences to share) that I am not testing?


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    Oct 2012
    Note that the output buffer is sent in to the shader program by address , not by buffer object bending/name.

    Code :
    I don't think that this approach has anything to do with the vertices not being visited since at least two are written out.

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