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Thread: Textureing down plane

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    Textureing down plane

    I am using three.js. with webGL. (I think I posted on wrong forum, this is OpenGl not WebGL, Feel Free to close this Thread)

    I am attempting to get a texture to stayed scaled using the width of a plane. Texture is 100x100.
    And then repeat going down the plane.

    As I change the Planes Height the scale of the texture stays the same but just repeats more down the plane.
    As I change the Planes Width the scale of the texture changes to fit.

    Example: If Plane was (height,width) 100,100 it would show a single texture. Filling it
    If Plane was 50,100 the texture would be cut off half way though, but be at the same scale at the one above.
    If Plane was 500,100 the texture would repeat the down the plane but be the same scale
    If Plane was 500, 20, then the texture would scale down and repeat down the plane about 25 times.

    I am working on adding support beams to a roller coaster project. <- This is the project I am working on. I am working on support beams. (ill add in additional texture for the angled tracks then this, below it for tracks 15-75 degrees) <-- This shows a drawing i made that gives a better idea of what i want.
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