so this is a little thing I'm doing for a rebuild of a project in the Python27 language.
I'm worried more about quality than performance.

so what I'm trying to do is design a vector class for 1D to 4D vectors and quaternions,
and have the class be able to easily convert between their representative values.
NOTE: this is a single class, not multiple classes for each vector type

the class supports 4D:
vertices - [X,Y,Z,W] (or quaternions)
normals - [I,J,K,H]
texCoords - [S,T,R,Q] (where Q is used for the 3D texCoord angle (sent to GL as [S,T,Q]))
colors - [R,G,B,A]

what and all do I to perform the proper conversions??

I've tried looking a few times, with no luck other than what I know above, excluding how [S,T,R] can also be [U,V,W].
(but [U,V,W] can also be curve-surface representation)

what exactly do vector letters stand for and what do they mean??
I'm tired of finding bits and pieces of their meanings... google sucks >.<
(we need a wiki on this or something)