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Thread: Compute Shader crashes / dynamic branching

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    Compute Shader crashes / dynamic branching

    Hi everyone,
    I am trying to get some code running in my compute shader (#version 430 core, running under Windows 7, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660) but it always crashes.
    The exact same code runs fine when I execute it in a fragment shader.
    I started commenting out parts of the code to find the solution to the problem.
    It seems like the compute shader always crashes when I reapply some of my dynamic branching.
    Does anyone know if the branching really could be the problem (hardware limitations, etc) and, if yes, how I can overcome that problem. Are there some clever hacks because I can't get rid of any branches.
    Also, the branching happens in a for-loop which runs in a while loop.
    Thanks a lot
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    I think I found the part which got it to crash but i do not fully understand why that was the problem. It seems like my atomic counter got it to crash. When I commented it out, the crashes went away. I really have no clue why. If anyone has a good explanation I would be thrilled to hear it. Thanks a lot.

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