Hi there.

Until now I have only ever bound my textures to the texture image unit 0.
Now I want to broaden my horizon; but there are still a few questions which neither the reference pages nor google searches have answered yet.
Furthermore, there are a few things I am not 100% sure I understood correctly.

Can I bind the same texture to several texture image units at the same time?
(And if I can, does that make any sense at all?)

If I bind each texture to different image units, can I then draw geometry using all those textures without having to switch them out?
That is, would it work just like using Array Textures?

If I am still working with the fixed-functionality pipeline, without any shaders of my own, can I still render using textures from any other texture image unit then 0?
(And if yes, what function do I need to use?)

Thats it for now,
I would appreciate your help on this. Thank you very much.