Hi, guys i am new to the Open GL forums, its nice to meet all of you.
and i have a question. I apologize if some of you are annoyed if this question is asked to many times.

I am a advanced C++(for 2 years)/C#(3 months) Programmer which has a very good understanding of both C languages and is good with OOP design.
C++ was my first language that i learned because it was straight forward and easy to understand. C# i started 3 months ago and got quite far, i don't like it as much as C++.

I made a 2D game with SFML in VS C++ 2010 last year, it went succesfully and i like 3D games better because they are much more larger and can do much more things than 2D games. I know Linear Algebra,Vector Math, Quaternions , Floating Point Integers and etc.

I learned those subjects because i wanted to prepare myself for 3D game creation. Than i had a choice between Open GL and Direct X/3D for rendering, i chose Open GL (Version 3.3) because i like its portability and i think it is more powerful in my opinion. So i was looking for learning resources and most of them were not clear enough. I went through:

-Super Bible 5th edition.
-The Red Book 8th edition.
-OpenGL a core specification.
-Learning Modern 3D Graphics Programming.
- GLSL Shading Cookbook 4.0.

I went through all of these fully and i still could not understand how Open GL renders images or how i create shaders. Most of these guides do not tell you where to put the code in a program. They only tell you blocks of code but forget to tell you where you put them. I also keep getting compile errors which must be happening because i am including the wrong header files because they do not tell me which headers to include.
They also do not explain a structure of OpenGL program well , i know how the pipeline works though but i do not know what to put in a program with Open GL.

I basically want a straight to the point/cut to the chase book that is practica; because that is what kind of a person i am and i am VERY practical but i do understand that theory is important. Most of these Open GL books i cannot understand clearly because they don't explain how OpenGL works very well or chow you the correct syntax.

However, give up does not exist and i am an Optimist and will always be so i have an infinite amount of motivation. Please don't try to discourage me or tell me to use a Game Engine because i will just ignore comments like that.

Anyway would any of you know a Open GL book that just gets to the point and easy to understand for someone with 0% Experience in Open GL?

The libraries that i would like to use with Open GL is:
GLFW (Windowing/Context);
GLEW (Extension Loading);
Bulllet Physics (Physics);
freeGlut (Utility);
GainPut (Input);
Assimp (Model Importer/Animations);
CEGUI (Game UI );
GLM (Mathematics);

Thank you in advance and sorry if this a very typical question.