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Thread: Accelerated OpenGL for Minecraft

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    Accelerated OpenGL for Minecraft


    I have a Compaq 6710b laptop and I'm trying to get Minecraft working on it. From what I understand, this laptop has the Intel 965 Express chipset in it. Everytime I try to launch Minecraft I get a message telling me that no Accelerated OpenGL mode was able to be located / found / started.

    In the device manager, the driver version for the "Display Device" is listed as I have been to the Intel site 50 times (via 50 different routes) and always end up at the same driver file.

    I downloaded a couple openGL "test" type programs, and I'm pretty sure I'm openGL 2.0 or better? Some kind of openGL caps displayer type program was able to successfully render several openGL test / demo programs.

    If anyone can point me in the right direction, I would sure appreciate it!


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    im also having the problem i updated it once but now when going to minecraft main screen i have a message saying Old graphics card detected this may prevent you from playing in the far future as OpenGL 2.1 will be required but i cant play on servers because of lag or play modded survival e.g hexxit

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