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Thread: OpenGl Hardware questions

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    OpenGl Hardware questions

    Sup guys, i'm new here and i have some questions to ask of you

    OS: Windows
    Compiler: Code:Blocks
    Windows toolkit: Allegro 5
    OpenGL Loading Library: OpenScene Graph

    I downloaded this stuff to work with OpenGL. I want to begin developing 3d games. Is there any other software you recommend downloading ( I already have 3D modeling/animation software, sound editing software, and texture creator).
    Also can someone explain the difference between a Windows toolkit (Allegro 5) and OpenGL Loading Library (OpenScene Graph). How do i use them together?

    Finally i want to create high quality games like Skyrim ( ambitious, but so am I). Are Allegro and OpenSceneGraph adequate for this. What would i have to do too to achieve this?

    Thanks for your help.

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    Hi how i can force my DirectX games in OpenGl mode?.

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