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Thread: GLFW joystick input

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    GLFW joystick input

    OS: Windows 8.1
    OpenGL version: 4.3.0
    GLFW version: 3.0.3

    First I plug in controller 1 (C1) which gets ID 0
    C1: 0

    Then I plug in controller 2 (C2) which gets ID 1
    C1: 0
    C2: 1

    And after unplugging controller 1, controller 2 remains with the same ID, like it should
    C2: 1

    Then I close the program

    When I start up the program with only controller 2 plugged in, I get the same as when I exited
    C2: 1

    I want controller 2 to have ID 0 when the program starts
    C2: 0

    Is there a way to reset the order of the controllers upon entering the program? Or is this more of a Win32 issue than a GLFW one?
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